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ABOUT US - we are a professional web design and development firm serving Kelowna and surrounding locations in the Okanagan Valley.

We have been creating websites for businesses since 1996, way before it was the "in thing" to even have a website for your own small to medium sized business. Prior to that time, large corporations were just about the only ones who had any kind of web presence, mainly because of the very high cost of web setups, and usually needing to hire in-house employees to build and maintain websites.

Our founder was an acknowledged "geek" with an extensive marketing background and a great love of computer graphics. She realized that having a website could be a superb alternative to costly newspaper and other media advertising for small to medium sized businesses. With the help of other like-minded individuals, she learned how to create basic business web designs and then later formalized her training by becoming one of the first "certified web designers" in Canada through one of the first web design and development certificate courses offered by the University of Calgary in 2000.

Fast-forward to today: thanks to the hard work of our team of experienced web designers and programmers, we at are pleased to offer professional and up-to-date modern designs, keeping up with the constant changes in this field!

Here are some of the many services we provide so that you can have all your web needs taken care of in one place - you don't have to worry about doing anything other than contacting us!

  • We don't expect our clients to be web experts. We are, and we're happy to share that expertise with you!
  • We create custom designs specifically geared to your business, not someone else's! Templates are great-looking designs but the one-size-fits-all approach is not always the best way to go!
  • When it comes to search engine optimization, we really know what we're doing and the majority of our clients' high ranking proves it! We ourselves have been at the top of the web designer heap for many years because of all the great stuff we put into our designs!
  • We offer one-stop shopping for all your web needs at the same place - design, development, graphic design, domain names, hosting, content writing...
  • Want to jump on the Social Media bandwagon but either don't have time or don't know how? We'll do it all for you!
  • Looking for a full social media ad campaign targeting your specific audience? Yes we will do that too!
  • We make sure to register your domain name in your name as registrant (owner), but we put our contact information so that you don't get bombarded by spammers and scammers, who unfortunately abound today!
  • Although we are of course a business and as such we do need to charge for our time when extra work is needed, we try to do as much for our clients as possible without having to charge anything extra, whenever we can.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you for all your web development needs!

We are Kelowna Web Designers helping small businesses with their basic web presence.