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Affordable Web Design Ltd's professional web designers offers low cost web solutions for all your web design and development needs.


Our Kelowna Web Designers team knows that the world of web development can be quite confusing, so we try to make it easy for all to understand!

As part of the Affordable Web Design Ltd family, we have been helping web clients for over25 years!

There are three main factors associated with any web project, no matter which web designer you go through:

  1. Domain Name - this is your unique address and there can only be one such name in the world at any given time, based on the " extension", such as .com, .ca, .net, .org, etc. For example, if your domain name is, someone else could own Domain names are not related to business name registration unless you have registered the domain name as a business name, such as is often done by large corporation. Most small businesses don't do this step.
  2. Yearly Hosting-the physical "machine" needed to make your website visible on the internet. We as "hosting resellers" must pay out for your website on a regular basis so that your website stays up on the internet, and we will invoice you on a yearly basis for said services.
  3. The Website Design - can vary from just a few pages to hundreds of pages and the cost usually reflects the amount of time involved in a project. The more functionality in a website, the longer it takes to put it all together and therefore the more it costs!

Examples of other factors that would normally affect a web design and development price:

  • SEO - additional steps to be added so that you can be found through internet searches
    We do not charge extra for adding relevant search engine optimization parameters at the time of the initial creation of your web project. However, it is recommended to have us go back into your website and make occasional updates in order to keep your website's SEO current.
  • Programming - for such things as E-stores, Content Management Systems that allow you to look after your own updates, calendars, online payment, etc.
  • Photos from online stock photo sites - we can research images for you if part of the initial website estimate, but you are responsible for the cost of the stock photos, if any.
  • Additional services such as content writing, photography done through our own photo shoots, site maintenance and updating if required, etc.

We invite you to visit each of our services pages in order to determine the cost of the various add-ons when they are requested.


CAD$30 and up yearly registration, depending on the extension you choose. The newer extenions, such as .travel, .website, etc, can be quite costly. We help you research your name and we do all the technical setup for you.

  • A domain name is your address on the internet. Domain names do not necessarily need to be the same as your business name.
  • You can have more than one domain name, one associated with your website and any other "pointed" to your main domain name (to keep competitors from having a name very similar to yours and confusing your customers).
  • We can buy your name for you through our affiliated registrar - the current cost for a .com extension is $30 a year, and the current cost for a .ca extension is $35 a year. This includes us researching your domain name for you and setting it up on the Registrar's server.
  • There are hundreds of other extensions now available and each has its own pricing.
  • Already have a domain name through a different Registrar? No problem! We will do the technical steps necessary to point it to our hosting servers when you buy into our yearly hosting service.

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CAD$132 + applicable taxes per year:

  • Hosting services allow your website content to be visible on the internet.
  • As part of our one-stop-shop concept, our Kelowna Web Designers & Developers works with a reliable Canadian hosting provider. You only need to contact us and we will take care of any questions or concerns.
  • Hosting fees are billed on a yearly basis in advance and are non-refundable. Our hosting services equate CAD$11 + applicable taxes per month.
  • Our hosting fees include up to 5 email accounts (more are available if needed).

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$649.99 + applicable taxes[includes your first year of hosting on our server, a $132 value]

  • The purpose of this type of starter website is to give you an online presence to which you can drive your customers through other means, such as flyers, business cards, advertising, etc.
  • These "online brochure" type of websites are comprised of 4 pages and a limited amount of pictures.
  • Our starter sites are like many of the "Do It Yourself" type of websites except that we do all the work for you, including sizing and cropping pictures, helping with text. You also get all the benefits of our hosting services, which even offer you backup services at no additional cost.
  • They are not large enough to allow us to properly incorporate Search Engine Optimization parameters to help you be found through internet searches. If your business needs to be found through internet searches, we recommend our custom website design.

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Starting level - $2000 + applicable taxese. Click here to view more about our custom websites, based on a project time of 21 hours.

  • All projects use this initial estimate as a base, upon which we then add whatever the client needs in additional time.
  • This initial estimate works very well for the majority of our small business websites and unless you have above-average needs, you should be able to stay within this price range.
  • We will let you know if any of your requirements are actually beyond what is normally included in our 21-hour estimate before we begin your project so that there are no surprises.

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No monthly fee - we only charge for the time it takes to do your updates for you.

Looking after a website content yourself might sound easy, but it's not.

  • Do you have basic general knowledge on how to work within an administration panel?
  • Do you know how to work with picture, sizing them properly? Improper sizing can throw the alignment of your page off if you upload the wrong size, etc?
  • Most importantly, do you have the time to keep your website updated?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then you would probably be better off simply having us do your updates for you whenever you needed them. We apply a time charge only, based on the time it takes to do your specific update. We do not charge any monthly update fees.

If however you answered yes to those 3 questions, then yes we have user-friendly solutions for you which can be achieved through additional programming.

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No extra fee - we incorporate "all the right stuff" into your website as we are building it.

Just having a website does not automatically mean you will be found through internet searches.

  • The majority of our competitors do very little to help you with internet searches, and those who do usually charge extra for this service.
  • As a member of the Affordable Web Design Ltd family operating for over 25 years, our Kelowna Web Designers team is proud of our success rate in helping our clients rank highly in internet searches
  • We add in the parameters as published by the major search engines into each of our custom designs as we are creating the website at no additional cost.
  • It is however a great idea to update your website every now and then, to reflect any changes in SEO technology since your website was created. We only charge for the time it takes to add whatever is needed, and this is considered an "update".

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Varies according to your needs

  • Our Kelowna Web Designers team boasts knowledgeable and experienced programmers to create whatever you need, completely customized for your use.
  • From calendar of events to full e-commerce online stores, we listen to your requirements, then we build it for you, all at extremely competitive pricing.
  • Once we discuss your needs, we will ask our programmers to quote on your requests. Our programming rates are extremely competitive, usually a lot lower than most of our professional competition.

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