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Affordable Web Design Ltd custom websites include a large number of visual aids to best tell the story of your business!


Affordable Web Design Ltd truly believes in the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words"!

Website with very few images and a lot of text lose the viewer's attention quickly, unless the viewer has specifically gone to that website for certain information. However the quality of a picture or a video can be a very important factor as well. Poor quality images or video are more of a detriment than a help so they are to be avoided at all cost!

Online Stock Photos

There are lots of websites offering great quality stock photos, although most of them do charge for their products and prices vary greatly from site to site. There are some free photo website out there which indicate that their stock photos are free and clear to use, so they are worth a visit to see if their inventory might suit you.

Can I take pictures from Google or other websites?

In short - be careful! Many pictures that appear on Google are free and clear, but many have copyrights and should not be used. Google Images simply picks up every picture on every website and places them on their inventory. The unfortunate part is that it's really hard to determine if something on Google Images has a copyright. If you don't know how to tell, it is then better to avoid images from these venues and best to go to a paid site.

Choosing the right photos

Once again things on the internet are never straightforward! When choosing pictures on stock photo sites, you need to know where the images will be used on your website in order to determine the size of picture you need. Many stock photo sites charge different prices for different sizes of images.

Affordable Web Design team members help our clients in this regard. We will research proper images for you if you wish, at no additional cost as long as that research doesn't substantially add to the overall project timeframe.

Contact us for more details on how we can help you find the "perfect" pictures for your website if needed!

Affordable Web Design Ltd helps small businesses with their basic web presence.


Because videos add very large file sizes to your website, you run the risk of making your page very slow when a viewer is opening it up. Over the past few years, the best solution to this problem has been to upload your videos to sites that specifically deal with video. Popular video sites in Canada are You Tube, Vimeo and Google Drive, although there are many others as well.

Once you have chosen your video venue, we can easily go to your specific video and find the necessary code to place the video link into your webpage, at no additional cost to you.

Affordable Web Design Ltd helps small businesses with their basic web presence.