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Our Kelowna web design team is made up of professional web designers and developers who offer great online E-store solutions to suit your business budget.

Custom Programming

Stores and more...

Our team of Kelowna web designers are affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd, and we offer different solutions, depending on your requirements, your budget and your own computer skills.

Programming is the ability to make an interactive function work on the internet (an interaction between a customer and the business offering services or products through their website). Programmers work with a completely different "language" in order to be able to create an end result that fulfills your requirements. Whatever you require, Affordable Web Design Ltd's team of professional web designers and developers have a great solution for you!

Choices of store technology

The world of web is a lot more complex than it looks - there are different ways of doing things, costs can range from affordable to pretty much out of reach for most people...

Are you looking to have an online store?

  • That question alone can bring up an hour's worth of explanations ....
  • Best solution is to contact and we can explain choices, pricing, requirements, etc. - our team of professional web designers and developers offer great online E-store solutions to suit your business budget.

Other popular functions created by our highly skilled programmers:
Because we have the ability to offer custom solutions, even if you don't see your requirement on this list, please contact us at any time to discuss your particular needs.

  • A catalog where you want to show your wholesalers one price, and the general public another price
  • A course you may be giving where you want all students to pay online before you need to pay out for course material, venues, and any other related expense.
  • "Membership" type websites with individual user logins
  • An event website with a lot of complex parts
  • Any other functionality which you would like to have that would be more than what a regular static website can give you.

Our Kelowna Web Designers team is committed to our clients. We will discuss your needs and offer the best solutions for your requirements, including your budget. The choice is then yours, but no matter what you choose, we will be there for you every step of the way!

Contact so that we can discuss how best to accomplish what you need! Whether the final solution is to use a premade platform or to go for a custom solution, we will explain all options to you and it is then up to you to decide!