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Yes Affordable Web Design Ltd can write all your web content for you!


Many people aren't comfortable with writing their website content - we can help!

At Affordable Web Design Ltd, we understand that providing content for a website can be daunting, to say the least! Business owners have no problem verbally explaining what they do, but often draw a blank when it comes to expressing it in writing. A website needs several pages of content and it can sometimes be a challenge to fill those pages.

People often think that the web designer is the one who puts in the content. Yes they will put in the content that you give them, but they don't write it. It is up to the business owner to provide all content.

Our Content Writing Service

If all you need is some tweaking of your own content and you will do most of the writing yourself, Affordable Web Design Ltd team members can help you at no extra cost. We will guide you as to what content is needed, we will divide up your content pages and give you general help, all at no extra cost.

However, if you have no idea whatsoever what to put into your website, don't worry! We offer full content writing services, which includes researching your products and services, and interviewing you to find out the details of your business.

In addition to writing your content, we will also research and add images that reflect your content, in order to break up the text on your pages. There is nothing worse than going to a website that is just pages and pages of just writing...

As a general rule of thumb, content writing usually takes between half an hour and one hour per page, depending on the amount of research, the amount of text and other factors necessary to make a page flow. Although the majority of professional content writers charge by the word, we only charge for the time it takes to do the work, based on our normal hourly charge.

Talk to us about your needs! and we can give you a more accurate estimate on what this service might cost for your particular project.

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