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The world of web design and development can be confusing and there can be many factors that might not automatically be included in a general design.

At Affordable Web Design Ltd and all its affiliates, we try to be as clear as possible in explaining what is involved in a web project. However, although we explain everything verbally to our clients before they agree to work with us, it is very important that all prospective clients read our written policies as clearly presented on our website, so as to ensure that you fully understand them and what they cover.


It is important to note that hiring Affordable Web Design Ltd or any one of its affiliates implies consent to all our policies as stated on this website. As a design firm, our mandate is to help you market your business through the internet, based on the content our clients have either supplied to us or given us approval for use on the website. The website owner is solely responsible for any issues or legal action against them which may occur due to any reason. Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliates are not responsible for website content, website owner business practices, products or services.


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