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Affordable Web Design Ltd encourages you to read our payment policy so that there are never any surprises and everyone is always on the same page!


Affordable Web Design Ltd thanks you for your kind attention to our policies. As a small business trying to give the very best service we can while still keeping our pricing as low as possible to our clients, it is important that our policies be understood and adhered to by all.


  • The initial consultation between the client and Affordable Web Design Ltd, is to be of a duration of one hour or less. This applies to in-office meetings and telephone or Skype conversations. This initial consultation is free.
  • We accept E-transfers, Visa, Master Card, cheques and cash.
  • Discussion of specific elements of the web design or development project is part of the project and is part of the estimated overall project timeframe. This includes telephone conversations, emails and office visits after the initial consultation of one hour or less.
  • Deposit amounts are payable as soon as the client commits to us, before the commencement of any work on a project.
    • For designs which have been estimated at up to $2200.00 + applicable tax for the design portion of the project, we require payment equal to the estimated amount in full, including applicable taxes.
    • All quotes for the "programming" portion of any project are due in full before we begin.
    • For designs which have been estimated at over $2200.00 for the design component of the project, we require a deposit of $2200.00 + 1/2 of the remainder of the estimated design cost plus applicable taxes on that portion, before we begin the work.
    • The balance of the remaining amount is then due within 7 calendar days after we advise you that we have substantially completed your design.
    • Any credit on file for your account will be applied towards future work for the same client within one year from the date of overpayment. Credits are not transferable.
  • For yearly domain name registration, we require the fee in full before we register the domain in the name of the client. Domain name registration fees are non-refundable.
  • For yearly hosting services, we require the fee in full for whatever timeframe the client has committed to (usually one year at a time, although some clients prefer longer periods). Yearly fees are non-refundable.
  • For any online photo purchases we make on your behalf, we require reimbursement of cost in full prior to us obtaining the photos for you.
  • Unless Affordable Web Design Ltd is advised by the client at least 14 days prior to expiration of domain name and/or hosting fee contracts, Affordable Web Design Ltd will automatically renew said services, in order to avoid any interruption in service and the domain name and hosting fees will be payable in full by the client.
  • Should project completion be delayed beyond 4 weeks from the date the deposit was received due to the client's inability to provide us with all necessary information for whatever reason within that timeframe, we will generate an invoice to cover any accrued time over the time covered by the initial deposit, which payment will then be due upon receipt of invoice.
  • We will continue the project at a later date when the client is ready to continue.
  • Deposits are not refundable and will be applied as a credit on your account and applied towards the project costs once the project resumes.


  • All accounts are due upon receipt of invoice. Interest charges of 2.5% per month may be applied to all unpaid accounts beyond 30 days from date of issuance of invoice.
  • A $35 + applicable tax administration fee will be applied to all NSF returned cheques and the delinquent payment plus the administration fee must be paid immediately by E-transfer. A replacement payment by cheque will not be accepted.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd reserves the right to suspend any website where replacement payment by e-transfer or cash for the NSF cheque was not made within one business day of notification of receipt of NSF cheque. Should we be forced to suspend your account, a $200 reinstatement fee will be added to your outstanding amount.
  • In the case of accounts which are more than 30 days overdue from date issuance of invoice or more than 60 days from the date when the project was substantially completed, or where payment for completed work has been refused or intentionally delayed by the client, Affordable Web Design Ltd. reserves the right to apply a visible suspension status to the website and remove the website content from the server until such time as payment has been received.
  • Should we be forced to suspend your account for the above reasons, a $200 reinstatement fee will be added to your outstanding amount. Once payment has been received in full, the website will be reinstated.
  • In the case of non-payment of domain name registration and/or hosting, Affordable Web Design Ltd reserves the right to apply a visible suspension status and remove the website content, as well as to change the registrant information to our name until outstanding accounts, including any late fees or reinstatement fees, have been paid in full.
  • In the case of logo design, photography or any other services that have been provided to a client through the Affordable Web Design Ltd but for which payment has not been received, the client forfeits all rights to the use of such logo design, photographs, or the benefit of other services, and the ownership of said designs, photos and other reverts to Affordable Web Design Ltd.
  • Once payment and any applied interest, as well as any other applicable fees, have been received, Affordable Web Design Ltd. will endeavour to reinstate the website content as it was before it was suspended.
  • In the case where hosting has been provided but not paid for, the overdue yearly hosting fees must be paid or be subject to further processing by our affiliated collection agency.
  • Delinquent accounts, either those of 60+ days, or where there is refusal or intentional delay of payment for work already done, may be subject to further processing by an affiliated collection agency on behalf of Affordable Web Design Ltd. (we do encourage everyone to avoid this drastic measure at all costs since it would probably greatly affect your credit rating). The delinquent account holder is then responsible for the collection agency fee (35% of total outstanding), in addition to any outstanding account balance, including all late fees and other administration fees.