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Kelowna Web Designers team members are affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd and are professional web designers and developers offering custom solutions for all your web needs.

Custom Design and Development

Our Kelowna Web Developers team, affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd, is made up of professional web designers and developers who create our custom websites from scratch.

We do not use one-size-fits-all template designs such as Wordpress, unless absolutely required by the customer.

Our basic customized websites are static websites, which means that you will send us changes or updates to your website whenever you need to make changes to your site. However if you feel that you will need to make changes yourself on a regular basis, we offer an easy-to-use content management systems at additional cost to be determined by your exact needs.

As "true" web designers, we don't just "fill in the blanks" of a premade template design, as many people who call themselves web designers do. We are proud of the fact that no matter what you want in a website, or how you want it displayed, we can do it! We will recommend the best way to display something to be effective for your business. However, if you have a certain look in mind, we will do everything we can to stick to that look for you.

Our estimates for your design start with our most popular design general "framework", which is based on an estimated 20-hour project time. If you need more than that for your particular business, we will build on this base and estimate accordingly.

Our Kelowna Web Designer team is affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd - we offer effective custom website designers for all sizes of businesses.

The 21-hour estimate (approx. $2000) is based on an informational "static" website design. Since most people really don't need to do a lot of changes to their designs, or they don't want to do changes themselves, we offer an easy solution. We will look after any updates you have quickly and efficiently, and will only charge you for the time it takes to do those updates.

  • We will help you form a marketing plan, at no extra charge, in order to best expose your business to the world or to your neighbourhood, through your website design. Our custom designs are easy to navigate, effective static designs customized to attract your own "target market" - your business, your way!
  • The 21-hour timeframe is based on the average time it usually takes to technically produce a professional looking 10 page website, depending on the number of images and the amount of content.
  • This 21-hour basic design estimate is based on the client providing all text, images and other content either through email or on a flash drive or other electronic means, but we will guide you as to what kind of information you need to provide and help you organize everything at no extra cost. Please note that the 21-hour base estimate is calculated on receiving all content once only. Should you decide to change the content once the project has already begun, this may result in additional time being required over the originally estimated timeframe.
  • We incorporate SEO parameters as published by the major search engines such as Google into the initial design, to help you be found in internet searches, at no extra charge at the same time as we are designing your pages.

The basis of all of the above is to show you that we can do anything for you and will keep all costs as low as we can for anything extra you may need!

Popular Add-Ons to basic 21-hour custom designs when needed:

  1. Content Writing - We can write your entire content for you:
    • We will write your content based on "interviewing" you about your business, researching online write-ups on your products or services, looking at old website content, etc.
    • Such steps usually averages between half an hour and an hour per page, of course depending on the amount of research needed to come up with the logical content for your website.
    • We will enhance your content with appropriate pictures, so that each page can have a nice balance of images and text [people don't like reading too much text on a page].
    • Although we will accept hand-written content, please be aware that this takes longer to work with and could potentially add to the overall time estimate for the project.
    • For clients with existing websites, although many ask us to just take the content the old site, please be aware that because the new website is usually organized in a different manner, finding, collating and organizing content from an old site can add a fair amount of time. In such cases, we may need to charge you for addition time when needed, but we will of course let you know in advance if it is looking like it will come down to that.
    • Click here to read more.

Our Kelowna web design and development tema, associated with Affordable Web Design Ltd, helps small businesses with their basic web presence.
  • SEO Reviews - We are happy to do occasional reviews of SEO performance if requested once the initial design is completed.
    • The initial design incorporates SEO parameters that are deemed important at the time of the original design, at no extra cost
    • Ranking of pages is dependent on a lot of different factors, and these are constantly changing.
    • Occasional reviews and related website updates are often a necessary part of having an effective web design.
    • Such updates will be billed based on our normal hourly fee at that time and calculated as per the time it takes to do the updates.
  • Content Management System - Our easy-to-use CMS programming allows the non-technical person to look after their own updates on existing pages once we have created them.
    • We have different options when it comes to CMS systems, and therefore different costs involved.
    • Once we discuss your specific needs with you, we can give you an accurate estimate based on your own requirements.
    • Click here to read more.

    We reserve the right to edit the content and images as given by the client in order to ensure a good fit into the pre-designed layout.

    If you need more than just the very basics, we recommend that you visit our custom designs page to see how a customized website, which includes the necessary search engine parameters, can still be cost effective for your business.